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   FIOS DME Repair Training has developed a series of comprehensive training courses covering the full gamut of basic DME equipment repair. These courses are all under the program classification (in line with The DMERT Group credentialing guidelines) of:



These courses cover all the equipment a repair technician might encounter on the job (not manufacturer-specific):


-manual wheelchairs

-tilt-in-space wheelchairs




-lift chairs

-hospital beds

-hoyer lifts




-power wheelchairs (group 2)

Courses are offered online, with video tutorials, guided hands-on practice, troubleshooting tips and tricks, common mistakes to avoid, and effective repair techniques.

Technicians can take these courses at their own pace, selecting the ones they need and practicing complicated repairs along with the guided tutorials.

FIOS courses currently under development include:

  • Intake and over-the-phone troubleshooting

  • Delivery Driver/setup training

  • Oxygen delivery

  • Specialty DME courses (ceiling lifts, vehicle lifts, ramps, elevators)