DMERT Testing

In line with the DMERT Group credentialing initiative rolling out this year, FIOS offers testing services for certification of currently-employed DME technicians.
According to the credentialing guidelines, many technicians currently working may have the skills and knowledge sufficient to be qualified as a basic Level 1 DMERT technician. Although a few individual training courses offered may appeal as training practice and revision, the majority of training could prove unecessary for many working techs.
To this end, a challenge exam was developed by FIOS and approved by The DMERT Group.
This challenge exam allows technicians already working in the industry for a certain length of time, and with adequate previous training and learning qualifications, to take the two hour online qualifying test, and the follow-up hands-on half day skills exam. 
The launch date of the these tests will be determined by The DMERT Group, and facilitated by FIOS.
Once the dates are announced, FIOS will publish all relevant registration and access information here.