DMERT compliant courses

& tests

FIOS develops all DME repair training materials in line with DMERT Group credentialing guidelines. 
Courses developed or in development:
Level-1: Basic DME Repair Technician 
Level-2: Complex DME Repair Technician 
Level-3: Repair Instructor Training
Tests/Exams developed or in development:
Level-1 Challenge Exam 
(online theory test/ hands-on skills test)
Level-2 Challenge Exam
(online theory test/ hands-on skills test)
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FIOS DME Repair Training is the leading provider of durable medical equipment and home medical equipment repair technician training. Repair training, education, and instruction courses, programs and classes for everything about repairing wheelchairs, repairing powerchairs, repairing scooters, and most other common DME and HME equipment.