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FIOS DME Repair Training has created a certification program for DME repair technician qualification in community colleges. 

Having finished the pilot phase, through Mt. Hood Community College in Portland, Oregon, FIOS is now preparing the program for launch at colleges in various states and provinces across the USA and Canada. 

An 8 week program, this course provides full and comprehensive hands-on training to take any individual from zero to job-ready in just 2 months.

Not only a great resource for those looking for the skills to enter the industry competitively, the program has also been a successful participant in a state work retraining initiative.


And for employers, FIOS DME Repair Training college course graduates are a ready-to-work pool of skilled and knowledgeable future technicians.

*This program is currently only available at Mt. Hood Community College, in Oregon. Once the courses are launched across North America, this page will offer listings of when and where courses are offered.

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