about fios

We're a durable medical equipment (DME) repair training and testing company, plain and simple.

Our team combines a broad knowledge of repair with a comprehensive understanding of adult education.


We aim to provide training in the most effective repair techniques, through engaging educational methods.

FIOS creates online DME repair training courses & community college training programs. We also run training sessions at live events year-round.

 The Team

Matthew Macpherson: founder/ lead trainer

Matthew has worked directly with DME and HME for 17 years in the USA and Canada. He started in the repair shop, worked his way up  through sales and service, started his own repair company, and is now the leading tech trainer in the industry. He has developed over 100 courses for repair and seating, developed and taught classes for 3 universities, and contracts as the National Tech Trainer for US Rehab.

Jesse Macpherson: curriculum & publications

Jesse has worked in various capacities in the world of adult education for nearly 19 years. He has been course developer, instructor, materials editor, and curriculum reviewer in universities, private educational institutes, and research groups across the globe. Most recently he supervised the male student program at Sheik Zayed University in Dubai.


Rebecca Macpherson: business and finance

Rebecca has traveled the commonwealth steering departments and organizations to exceed their expectations for 18 years. From The African Children's Choir in Canada, to the hospitality field in the U.K., and as Operations Manager of Child Services across Western Australia, Rebecca's experience is broad and extensive. And she brings as much passion as expertise to the team.


*Dick Fuller: consultant (2014-2016)

Dick was instrumental in the early days of development, consulting on both scope of content and training methods. It was a pleasure to work with the foremost DME repair educator in the industry.